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In the News in 45 Days or Less - Guaranteed."

by Matt Gill and Kevin Wilke, Co-Founders, NitroMarketing.com

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Wouldn't it be amazing if the above headline appeared in hundreds of magazines and newspapers? What would that mean to your business?

Here's what Joe Vitale says about publicity:

"Publicity can bring a stampede of business to your door. Trash-Proof News Releases shows you exactly how to accomplish publicity miracles, and even gives you dozens of proven news releases to learn from and model. There is nothing better than TPNR out there to help you."
Joe "Mr. Fire!" Vitale, author of Hypnotic Writing

And what would it mean if you were the featured guest of popular radio and TV shows? Imagine thousands - potentially millions - of people hearing your story.

The terrific thing about this is that when people hear or read about you in the media, you immediately get that aura of credibility and reliability. People assume that you or your product must be good, legitimate and reputable because the media must have already checked you out.

If you were to pay cash money for this type of publicity, it would cost you millions of dollars - especially now that advertising rates are so ridiculously inflated.

The good news is, people just like you get tons of free publicity every day and pay next to nothing for it. I know this for a fact, as I personally have been on national TV, radio, magazines, and newspapers - and I didn't pay a dime for any of it. But it’s not just me. Just about anyone can get publicity. Just take a look at the amazing story of Jeff DeLong.

What One News Release Did for Jeff DeLong

Jeff De Long, a Psychology student from Klamath Falls, Oregon, created a unique line of greeting cards designed to help people end relationships.

Jeff sought the help of a media expert to send out a news release to lifestyle and feature editors in daily and weekly newspapers, selected magazines, and selected radio talk shows. This media expert transmitted the release on January 27, 1998, for Valentine’s Day.

As a result, Jeff DeLong did over 25 radio talk shows from his home on Valentine’s Day just two weeks later. He made the Associated Press on February 15 with his Anti-Valentine’s Day cards. He was interviewed on Canadian National TV, and was offered countless distributor contracts.

In April 1998, only 3 months after the original news release was transmitted, Jeff was invited to do a talk show in Kansas City, which happens to be the home and headquarters of Hallmark Cards. Within a day, Jeff and his attorney were in negotiations for the sale of his greeting card line. American Greeting cards also entered the picture.

When all negotiations were concluded, Jeff made in excess of $1,000,000 on the sale of the rights to his line of greeting cards. While this was happening, his web site traffic and sales climbed to over $30,000 per week.

Now - hold on a minute. Before you go thinking...

You're probably thinking: "OK, I've heard all this before. You're going to tell me that all I need to do is send out a press release and all of a sudden the press is going to be beating down my door. Well - I've tried it, and it ain't that easy!"

Guess what? You're absolutely right. We all know that getting press is probably the best thing that can happen to our businesses. But getting that press is just plain tough.

And you, of course, already know that 90% of the news you see originated in the form of a press release. It's also true that just about every huge business success that started as a small enterprise owes a big part of its success to the news media.

Why, then, is it so damn hard to "get ink"?

The Problem:

Editors and reporters are busy people. Heck, any editor or reporter facing extremely demanding deadlines knows that "busy" is a gross understatement.

Can you imagine what it's like when editors come face-to-face with stacks of a few hundred news releases everyday? About how many seconds do you think they give each one?

And after they give it 2 seconds, and then quickly decide that it's "not a story" - where do you think it goes?

That's right - straight to the trash bin.

The Solution:

History and experience have proven that in order to get news coverage, you need to send a press release that stops that editor dead in his tracks. You need to send a news release that will grab him by the throat, make his heart beat a little faster, and make him shout out, "Now that's a story!"

In other words, you need to send a news release that is, well – trash proof.

How to Write Trash Proof News Releases

At this point you're probably thinking: "That's great, Matt and Kevin. It's easy for you to say that the news release needs to be trash proof. You've been in the national media before - so what? How does that help me?"

You know what? It doesn't help you one damn bit.

As for me, I've just been really lucky. I know a guy, though, that didn't have the luxury of relying on luck. A guy who has sent out over a million news releases and knows exactly what works and what doesn't.

His name is Paul Krupin and for years he's been the foremost PR and Media Consultant, with over 2,000 clients. He's probably sent out more news releases and had more PR success stories than anyone I've ever met.

As you might have guessed, he’s also the media expert who helped Jeff DeLong achieve his phenomenal success.

Paul Krupin knows how to “get ink”. And I'm not the only one who believes this. Check out what Charles Pappas of Yahoo said:

Before I read Trash-Proof Press Releases, editors welcomed my press releases like they were subpoenas wrapped inside overdue bills. Now after reading the clear, easy and inspiring 100-plus proven releases in Trash-Proof, I've used its techniques on everything from publicizing Net events to electronic newsletters. The editors who once treated my releases with the respect dogs do fire hydrants, now open and read them like they were the winning prize notification form Publishers Clearinghouse.
Charles Pappas Surf Guru for Yahoo Internet Life magazine www.yil.com

Charles is only one of hundreds of others who feel the same way.

So, how does Paul do it? Well, I'll let Shel Horowitz answer that question:

"Trash-Proof" stands out because of its reliance on hard data: Krupin has developed a far-reaching media database in his news release distribution business, and much of the book is drawn from either a direct analysis of this powerful resource--or survey responses from journalists. When Krupin tells you the media like a certain angle or format, he knows--because he went out and asked them.
Shel Horowitz author of Marketing Without Megabucks - frugalfun.com

As you see, Paul Krupin is in a unique position to really know what makes a news release trash proof.

More importantly, Paul can teach anyone how to create trash proof news releases through his simple, step-by-step approach. Just take a look at what Paul shows you In his book, “Trash Proof News Releases” ….

  • The absolute best way to ethically influence the media. Do this and you will double or triple your chance of getting the publicity that you desire.

  • The secret bottom line formula that you must have to create news releases that jump off the page. Without this formula, all your news releases will be sentenced to the trash bin.

  • Learn exactly what these ordinary people did to get tremendous media attention. This huge collection of PR Success Stories includes actual press releases and strategies that resulted in major news coverage. This alone is worth far more than the price of the entire book.

  • How to Tap Into the Hidden Psychology of Media Editors. When you learn these absolutely diabolical secrets, editors will think you've been reading their minds because your news releases will give them exactly what they want to publish.

  • How to write irresistible news releases even if you have writing phobia. Paul’s simple techniques lets you breeze through news release writing -- even if you don’t have a creative bone in your body.

  • The startling truth about publicity ... and the inside information you must know before you embark on any PR campaign

  • Learn the 10 enormous mistakes people make that cost them the publicity that could make them a fortune. You'll be in for a rude awakening when you see how many of these mistakes you are making.

  • You are only 1 news release away from becoming famous or making a fortune. Paul shows you how to spot the best PR opportunities that are worth their weight in gold.

  • How to create dozens of riveting news angles to get the editor's undivided attention even if you don’t think you have a story to tell.

  • Discover the most important media targets that can give your business an unfair advantage. Use these to the hilt before your competitors catch on.

  • Learn “straight from the horse’s mouth” what real-life editors want to see in your news releases that will guarantee you news coverage.

  • 10 practically unknown strategies you need for using e-mail to get news coverage.

  • Closely guarded ingenious strategies that make your news release say, “Drop what you’re doing and read me now.”

Now I can almost hear you saying, “Okay, I know I can get a million dollars worth of publicity from learning all this from 'Trash Proof News Releases' – but what’s it going to cost me?”

You almost won't believe this. When Paul first told me he was going to let us sell the book for $37, I was floored. He could easily get ten times that much for this information. The information contained in this book could literally turn any ordinary company into a booming business.

Makes you wonder, why is Paul giving away all this valuable information for just $37? Well, Paul gave me the answer himself. He expects to get a lot of publicity by selling this book at such an affordable price, and that will in turn get him more consulting clients whom he charges a minimum of $2,000 per hour.

Bottom line is, for a few bucks more than the price of a movie for two (with popcorn and soda), you can get your hands on the secrets that would mean truckloads of hot leads, sales that would make your head spin, a surge of cash flowing into your business, and first-rate recognition for you and your product that money just can't buy.

The way I see it is, you could buy "Trash Proof News Releases" and do absolutely nothing with it. Or you could buy it and use all the secrets for getting publicity that have never been revealed before. I recommend that you get your hands on the book and try it now.

During the few minutes you spend reading this letter, let yourself contemplate this -- Is it worth doing business anymore without the publicity strategies that "Trash Proof News Releases" can give? Since you are obviously interested in taking your business to the highest level, shouldn't you own this book now?

If you’re ready to turn your business around….to stop wasting advertising dollars and start getting the free publicity that your business deserves and needs, ‘Trash Proof News Releases” is absolutely indispensable. So many others think so - why not just try it?

Let Trash-Proof News Releases show you how to “get ink” in the national and international media while your competition is still dreaming about maybe some day showing up in the Podunk Times!

There is absolutely no way you can lose – except by not taking me up on this offer. I personally guarantee that

You, , will be in the news in the next 45 days or less - guaranteed.

If you do not get the publicity you want, or if for any reason you don’t feel that this is the most impactful, eye-opening, sales-generating book you’ve ever read, simply tell me and I’ll issue you a 100% refund immediately.

Give it a try risk-free - you can view Trash-Proof News Releases right over the web, and your private access information will be emailed to you instantly.

Best Regards,

Kevin Wilke and Matt Gill
Co-Founders, NitroMarketing.com

P.S. You’ll be amazed at how simple and easy it is to apply all of Paul’s techniques. “Trash Proof News Releases” will allow you to begin immediately –even as soon as 10 minutes from now.

P.P.S. You can lose a lot of money with the wrong news release. But you can’t lose when you accept this no-risk offer. If, after reading this book, you are not convinced that this is going to take your business to the highest level, I’ll refund your money immediately.

P.P.P.S. (last one, I promise): Altogether there are hundreds of ways you can promote your business and add to your bottom line. Don’t you owe it to your business to learn the most powerful and inexpensive publicity strategies that can dramatically impact the growth of your business? Discover all of Paul’s secrets and watch your business take off!


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